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The Palmiye Company commenced trading within the construction industry in 1998. Focusing mainly on Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East, this young company achieved well deserved respect and confidence by successfully constructing the world’s largest awning project in Norway in 2002, thereby presenting the brand 'Palmiye' to the awning and shading sector. Benefiting from its international network and extended organizational structure, Palmiye is now represented in many countries worldwide and the values of each and every culture combined with unique architectural concepts, inspire and are reflected in Palmiye’ s products.
As a progressive innovator, Palmiye operates with sensitivity, tailoring distinctive and unique products, in which the feelings and styles of world famous architects and designers are translated into life. Following the completion of the Norwegian project in 2003, Palmiye focused on research and development, subsequently introducing the first motorised pergola to the market in 2004, and then in 2006 making the addition of a pergola intended to be used for all 4 seasons. In 2011 Palmiye further widened their operational horizons, by developing a partnership with Lugano Glass, a company partially owned by Courage Investments, an English holding company.
The value and inspiration resulting from each different culture with its unique architectural concepts, is reflected in every one of Palmiye’ s products. Today as an advanced innovator, Palmiye with many different sales points in 6 continents offers the widest range of Pergola designs and solutions in the world, together with a multitude of shading systems.